25 Aug 2011


It was getting on a bit and having spent a while listening to QST transmissions on 20m decided to spin down the band and found a "Pile", now I'm not usually into Pile-ups as my simple dipoles and verticals dont usually cut it, but tonight they did - CO6RD in Cuba and a commemorative call H77REX in Nicaragua which is actually a new one for me - This on the I-Pro antenna !!!! both working split on CW.
Cannot complain about that.


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  1. Hi Peter, that's a nice catch, the I-Pro seems to work well. Congrats! 73 Paul

  2. I also usually stay away from the pile ups..but this one looks like it was worth the effort...nice contacts Peter....73 de Mark MW0MJB

  3. Hi Paul/Mark:

    Yes - bit of a surprise really I guess it's just finding that elusive "Hole" in the wall where the DX station hears you - The I-Pro seems to work best on 20m for sure - but it's coming down soon to be replaced by a full sized G5RV up 50 feet.


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