10 Aug 2011


Yesterday I was listening to ne of the nets that come up on 80m which concluded and I’d noticed the signals were fading off – I checked 40m and there was nothing across the entire band, same on 30m, 20m had two VERY weak cw stations  and nothing on any other band, in fact I was wondering if the antenna had disconnected ! I even checked the other radio on the vertical – apparently there had been an X-class flare earlier in the morning, this would be around  09:00.

This morning signals were well up and noise levels have dropped off on 80m, I have heard bands fade off before but not like this – seemed as though the entire HF spectrum was affected and it lasted for a few hours as when I checked again 4 hours later the bands had improved somewhat.

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  1. Hi Peter, yes I noticed too. And since I am on the island here we have only rain and strong winds. So my mini expedition is fallen into the water. I can't do nothing about it. I only work with echolink now. 73 Paul


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