19 Aug 2011

August Update

Have been very busy during this week, however I spent some time listening on the bands last evening and again this morning on 17 and 20m and since purchasing a new pair of headphones it's opened up a whole new world of "DX" For years now I have only listened to my radio's through a small communications loudspeaker I purchased from the old Tandy stores many moons ago, and I drifted away from working "DX" because the stations sounded too far distant, so I contented myself to working stations I could "Hear", mostly EU, by cutting out ambient room noise it's easier to pick out those weaker signals - this takes me back to my 40m night shifts working the Caribbean and USA - so it's headphones from now on - and the TS590S receive is great.
Also, whilst working Qrp over the last 10 years or so I have to say it's been fun and WILL continue using Qrp/Low Power where appropriate but in the quest to add a few more countries to my list its QRO from now on, I have got the bug again and CW IS the way to go, what a great mode that I have been neglecting for some years now !
My NOV application for 60m was granted last week so will be working toward getting on this band very soon - The FT450 has had the wideband TX mod done so we should be good to go - looking forward to using Wspr on 60m.
I tackled the shack desk last week by removing the shelf above the desk and put some feet on it to stand the monitor on - this raises it above the radio gear and looks a whole lot tidier (I'll post a pic or three later) just need to re-arrange the equipment until I'm comfortable with it
Planning slightly ahead - Winter months will be upon us before we know it so looking at ways and means of getting a huge 264 foot Topband antenna up in some land running alongside our drive - my thinking is along the lines of somehow stringing it up in the huge poplar/oak trees however will require a remote tuner and up to around 100m of cabling - plan B might involve erecting an inverted "L" but it's a project I need to measure up and think about.
Isn't radio fun ?  -  So enjoy it over the weekend................


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  1. Sounds like things in the shack are coming along just fine and dandy.


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