2 Jul 2011

Upgrade under way

Latest addition  here is the Kenwood TS590  - and what a delight to use,  superb  audio on receive even on 80m listening to some of the late night nets – armchair quality, I feel like I have a new pair of ears – the receive noise level is very low and can hear stations otherwise lost, as compared to the FT450 which is quite noisy by comparison – Setting it up and driving it is another thing – the Dsp filtering is on a par with mid/high end radios  - and the layout is very well thought out  -  they have a winner here.

I also have a separate Ldg 200pro tuner – very quick and all those memories !!

This afternoon I ripped out the old radio racking and set up a temporary desktop until I get my finger out and build some more shelving – more on that later – but we’re operational at least.



  1. Hi Peter, lucky you! What a great transceiver. I put a youtube video about the TS590S. I think it's one of the best. A bit pricey... not yet the money for it. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul:

    Yes I saw that video clip, I have been thinking of getting another rig for a while but had been looking at the K3 and weighing it all up I thought this the better all rounder for the price - super receiver and packed with useful memories and scanning features, plus three position bandstacking on each band so you can go to cw,middle of the band, or SSB sections or even leave it set on monitoring beacons - wherever you want it - dont think memories are "Taggable" though - have been working 10m using the I-Pro Home (Check the I-Pro page)

    73' Peter

  3. Good evening Peter, I have heard very good reports on the 590 and I can remember you at one time wondering if this was the radio for you....seems you have made up your mind. As for the receiver I agree my K3 at times seems it is just not hooked up to an antenna but it is just the receiver. Very nice effect on your pic's of the 590.

  4. Hi Mike:
    I am now finding my way around this Radio - and to fully appreciate just what it offers need to sit and read up on it - nice to be able to hear things again, and that noise reduction WOW ! It really does work superbly.
    73' Peter


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