28 Jul 2011

Shack Newcomer

Today I did no operating – I just have not had the time and the  summer seems to have flown by and I still have not started on  the shack re-vamp although we have made several new additions including antennas,  tuners, plus the new Kenwood radio and I had been thinking of changing the FT450 (Back up radio) so after some though decided to go out and do a swap (well – not quite swap) !! So we have landed the new FT450D, essentially the same as the original radio though I notice some menu items have disappeared or changed, it now includes 300/500Hz CW filters, and it has a re-designed front panel with new slightly larger knobs with silver embellishing – and the main tuning knob seems a tad larger and has a rugged rubber feel, but quite smooth (some questioned the size of the tuning knob but now the rig has front feet it raises the front so it’s not a problem, and  (Yes) it now boasts Backlit front buttons ! In the subdued light of my cave you can quite clearly read the front’s of the buttons – even the 590S hasn’t got that – the receiver seems more sensitive as I’m sitting here listening to QST on 14.04763 and both 450 & 590 are on exactly the same frequency readout – spot on.

So this week end I will be air testing the new radio for the first time and will be looking on 10 and 6m.



I am still a way off finishing this “Small” job, and cannot wait to resume normal service on here – still I have managed to squeeze in the odd bit of CW here and there (No Digimodes)

I suppose next thing we’ll all be thinking of is 80m / Topband !

Isn’t radio a fun hobby !

Oh forgot to mention the pics were taken with my New Kodak Playsport HD Pocket Video camcorder which does stills at 5Mpixels – whilst not as good as my Sony I think they’re good enough for this.    (More on that later)

Cheers and Beers.


  1. Hi Peter, the new FT450D looks very nice. You got the Kenwood TS590S also? I thought that the ts590S is much more better, isn't it? I hope you can do some test and let us know the results. Maybe a video. I do have the Kodak Zi8 pocket camcorder. Always with me for a quick video. Most of the time for the family blog. 73 Paul

  2. Good morning Peter, do give us a comparison if you have both radios still.

  3. Hi Paul/Mike:
    Will certainly be doing some comparisons - the Kenwood IS quieter on RX - but I had both rigs on 20m last evening listening to the Qst broadcast and both seemed responsive - the Dsp on the Kenwood is superior, but the little FT450 is a VERY nice little backup radio and more than capable of doing a fine job - I had a listen on 1.8 and the noise levels ARE higher on the FT450 - but I liked the original 450, I think this ones much better for CW with the 300Hz filtering.
    Nice little rig.

    Paul - Wont be in a hurry to do any "You Tubing" with the camera - I looked at the Zi8 but opted for the smaller Zx5, nice little unit and very easy to set up and use - the key is the video editing kit !! Loads of fun to be had there.

    Fun Weekend ahead ! 73'


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