2 Jul 2011

Profi-2 Paddle

If your “Main” interest in amateur Radio” is shouting into a “Mic” click away NOW !

I  have recently returned to my roots and re-discovered the total JOY of using CW – after all it IS a digital mode…! it’s either on or off.

My recent acquisition of  the Begali key is a joy compared to my poor old Bencher BY2 which I had previously regarded as being “Top quality”, it  suffered damage some while back taking a  tumble and damaged the paddles – I could probably restore it but just felt the need for change, and I feel the Begali was a great move - it is beautifully smooth and firm.

I visited an old friend of mine recently and he loaned me (Yes loaned) a Profi 2 by Schurr Morsetasten, I wont go into £ s d but the website describes this key as being machined from a solid block of surgical quality Brass coated with a trade secret polymer that resists wear, staining, and pitting with years of use – the finish IS superb as you’ll see in the pics alongside my Begali – it’s a beautifully crafted piece and in use it feels firm, yet light and when you wind it up (a bit) as most “Paddle” user’s will agree you get into a sort of “Rythmn” and the tendency for me is to start “Slapping” the paddles, it is here that this particular key falls short – this is purely a “Touchy Feely” thing and I start to feel uncomfortable with it  -  it does not have that “Positive” feel of the Begali" and it’s owner is correct in saying that the Paddles  have a bit of “Give” – just looking at this key makes me drool and I could certainly get used to it but having the opportunity to compare the two side by side I actually prefer the Begali’s Feel  -  only a CW op would tell the difference, it’s very small  but it’s there – I reckon perhaps it’s the perspex paddles and that perhaps if they were to be replaced by similarly quality machined and finished aluminium it might add that extra something.

That said – these keys ARE a masterpiece, crafted with with precision and a wonderful showpiece on the desk, my love for modern keys is growing.

The Profi is the Gold Plated one in the Pic.



  1. Hi Peter, I agree once you get your fist on a professional key it sure does make a difference. I will say I did order the Palm paddle for my KX1 and I was very very surprised how smooth it was.

  2. Hi Mike
    Yes I have one of those too and like you I was surprised how good they are - I use mine now with the FT817, I like the way it stores away - Nice Key !
    73' Peter

  3. Well, I must say my "good old Bencher BY-1 is still doing a FB job.

    I am pretty sure that if the Begali had a same kind of tumble as the Bencher it'll have the same injuries.....

    73 Wally

  4. They would indeed - I'll be sure to give these careful use.



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