30 Jul 2011

Damn it !

Ever started a job and this happens?


Well today it happened and it always seems to happen when your in a hurry to get the job done as I had to take the xyl to the Dentist of all things !

I decided to check the main station earth connections just outside the shack and install another 4 foot copper spike – upon tightening this happened – as luck would have it,  quickly going to my emergency box I found an exact match – as I am located on the ground floor the lengths are short  -  about 5 feet.?

Maybe I was a bit too enthusiastic !!


  1. Hi Peter, I always tighten up too much. I broke the U-bolts of my X-30 antenna. Have a nice weekend, 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul
    Difficult to gauge just how much to tighten up - maybe the casting was weak !?!?! Anyway all's well now.
    Have a nice weekend !


  3. I find this happens to me when there is little time to get it done and I have the understanding that it is a simple and straight forward job.


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