21 Jul 2011

10m Inactivity !

I have been managing to mainly monitor 10m early in the mornings for half an hour or so, as in the distant past I remember working JA’s on an apparently empty band – no such luck though – I think conditions have been poor of late and the solar flux had seemed to go into reverse !

This morning, as a couple of days ago I listened across the 10m Beacons including those on 28.200 and heard the following from this Qth

SV2AHT  -  I0KNQ  -  IZ0KBA  -  4X6TU  -  GB3RAL  all between  07:00 – 08:00 UTC

But the CW end of the bands remained quiet – I have been sitting here working on the computer with 10m in the background for over an hour now and still nothing so I decided to put out a call in the hope of raising someone – still nothing yet the band was obviously open, you could clearly hear the background noise – I checked the beacons again. still there !

Obviously a very large proportion of the Amateur fraternity choose to ignore the vast open spaces of 10m on the basis that if there’s no band activity present – then it’s closed.

Not so  -  LISTEN.


  1. Yes 10 is open as I did ok with it during the IARU contest just a short time ago. But then during a contest there are more folks just out there listening and calling.

  2. Hi Peter, I think a lot of people is listening for openings but forget to call CQ. It's worthwhile to call CQ on a 'dead' band. You'll will be surprised. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Guys
    Well I'm about to wrap it up here until later - must catch up with the chores :-( 10m open still no activity - but just worked my first on 6m this year CT1FJK, IT'S A START !
    73' Peter

  4. Hi Peter, just to be shure it is open I most times listen to the 11m band. 27.555 USB. There's always activity over there when propagation is reasonable. Most of the action on 10m is in weekends though. 73, Bas

  5. Hi Bas:
    Thanks - never thought of 27Mhz ! Will take a quick look in future - will program up some memories so I can just scroll through.

    73' Peter

  6. Same thing here, this weekend was really quiet on 10m, but some of the French and Spanish beacons were happily sending dits and dahs...
    I sent out a CQ on cw..nothing!!... though I did have one quick ssb qso with my 5 watts down into EA7...

    73 Mark

  7. Hi Mark
    Well did not really get the chance this weekend - just my luck to have missed a massive opening (NOT).
    Some years back I scoured an empty band (10m) one Sunday morning and three JA's came back I was running 10w - never happened since ! Oh well - keep listening...

    73' Peter


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