28 Jun 2011

More on 10m

Thought I'd just sneak a very quick blog in here - Switched on late last night, and the radio had been left on 10m where I'd last used it - And there was a station right on frequency so I worked him  SM7ZDI VIC  there were others to follow right across EU - the time was getting on for 11:00pm so it was nice to see some E's activity, as one area faded out, another call area would pop up - I guess 6m works in similar fashion - I have not put up my beam yet for 6m.
Also this morning I had a spare half hour very early and tuned 10m (again) nothing...!  then BOOM  HA5MA  LACI IN Budapest  - sigs were very much up and down from 5/5  -  5/9 even running 40w (QRO)?
So - keep an eye on 10m.


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