23 Jun 2011

I’m Back | Sort of !

Temporarily at least – just to let you know I’m still kicking and champing at the bit here, I have been out of the country for two weeks and have returned to a very busy schedule which I reckon is going to see me through for at least another six weeks, so there’s not going to be too much emanating from here – checking some of the blogs it seems I have not been missing much as conditions on HF have been poor and 6m as yet not really happening? Sorry to hear  fellow Blogger Julian (G4ILO) has been taken poorly – wishing him a speedy diagnosis and subsequent recovery.

Still masterminding the shack upgrade – New rigs, Desktop, and ancillary bits and pieces, plus antennas, and probably a shift in modes (Dare I even mention SSB)?  ?<£$%* maybe not! Oh – and a new paddle – my nice Bencher took a spin off the desk and shattered one of the paddles, it  does still work but now has play in it and it’s not feeling right at all and needs replacing  so looking for a replacement.,  and have been looking at Flex Radio Systems, looks very interesting, love the continually variable bandwidth and filtering - All that is to come but it will probably mean having to strip out the shack completely and re-decorate, it also means having to remove (His and “HERS”) PC’s and will mean a prolonged outage  (How the time flies)…and I’ll probably get my ears bent because “HERS” is down TOUGH.

I’ll be watching the blogs ! 73 P


  1. Hi Peter, welcome back! Flex Radio Systems looks very interesting. Indeed you did not miss much on HF and 6 m. Hope conditions will improve someday. 73 Paul

  2. Good to see you back in there Peter, the flex seems like a very cool radio...it has great flexibility.

  3. Hi Guys
    Thanks for your comments, we're really waiting to get this next six weeks or so out of the way then perhaps I'll get back on the bands in earnest - I need to press ahead and get the shack sorted as well - I already have some new additions (More on that later) there's plenty going on but no time to sit down and write about it (Flex - I had been looking at the Flex 1500 5w out - would be nice to try as an intro but I gather there are some "Bugs") that need ironing out, Failing that I could go for the Perseus SDR Receiver Hmmm! not sure. Anyway you'll get to hear about it.
    ATB fr Nw P


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