24 Jun 2011

10m Opening

Thought I’d get a quickie in while I’m on it, just a quick listen on 10m revealed just one Station II2LOM Antonio, he was the ONLY station I could hear across the CW section of 10m  at app’x 17:30 Local we exchanged 579’s both ways CW -  then later I returned to work DL60ZBN Bernd x2 way 559’s and some pretty deep Qsb, then a bit later a Yugoslavian club station 4O3A, good solid 599 at around 7:30 – I was running 20w from my FT450 (Soon to be replaced) Sad smile so yes – it’s working very well !


  1. Nice to hear some blogging about openings for the last couple of days I have been reading about how propagation is dropping and the bands are closed to signals.

  2. Hi Mike
    Yes 10m was open here into EU - I have been testing a new antenna and heard signals - they went straight in the log - making some effort this weekend to get on air - next week am looking to change one of my radio's, exciting time !
    73 Peter


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