29 Jun 2011

Shack Addition


Latest addition to the shack here is a Begali Key – Twin Paddle Iambic and  although not THE most expensive option available it will do me very nicely thank you.

It has a firm feel about it, but I have set it for a light touch – and with my new found sending speeds I rate it better than my Bencher BY2 – I think this is a lovely Key.



28 Jun 2011

More on 10m

Thought I'd just sneak a very quick blog in here - Switched on late last night, and the radio had been left on 10m where I'd last used it - And there was a station right on frequency so I worked him  SM7ZDI VIC  there were others to follow right across EU - the time was getting on for 11:00pm so it was nice to see some E's activity, as one area faded out, another call area would pop up - I guess 6m works in similar fashion - I have not put up my beam yet for 6m.
Also this morning I had a spare half hour very early and tuned 10m (again) nothing...!  then BOOM  HA5MA  LACI IN Budapest  - sigs were very much up and down from 5/5  -  5/9 even running 40w (QRO)?
So - keep an eye on 10m.


24 Jun 2011

10m Opening

Thought I’d get a quickie in while I’m on it, just a quick listen on 10m revealed just one Station II2LOM Antonio, he was the ONLY station I could hear across the CW section of 10m  at app’x 17:30 Local we exchanged 579’s both ways CW -  then later I returned to work DL60ZBN Bernd x2 way 559’s and some pretty deep Qsb, then a bit later a Yugoslavian club station 4O3A, good solid 599 at around 7:30 – I was running 20w from my FT450 (Soon to be replaced) Sad smile so yes – it’s working very well !

23 Jun 2011

I’m Back | Sort of !

Temporarily at least – just to let you know I’m still kicking and champing at the bit here, I have been out of the country for two weeks and have returned to a very busy schedule which I reckon is going to see me through for at least another six weeks, so there’s not going to be too much emanating from here – checking some of the blogs it seems I have not been missing much as conditions on HF have been poor and 6m as yet not really happening? Sorry to hear  fellow Blogger Julian (G4ILO) has been taken poorly – wishing him a speedy diagnosis and subsequent recovery.

Still masterminding the shack upgrade – New rigs, Desktop, and ancillary bits and pieces, plus antennas, and probably a shift in modes (Dare I even mention SSB)?  ?<£$%* maybe not! Oh – and a new paddle – my nice Bencher took a spin off the desk and shattered one of the paddles, it  does still work but now has play in it and it’s not feeling right at all and needs replacing  so looking for a replacement.,  and have been looking at Flex Radio Systems, looks very interesting, love the continually variable bandwidth and filtering - All that is to come but it will probably mean having to strip out the shack completely and re-decorate, it also means having to remove (His and “HERS”) PC’s and will mean a prolonged outage  (How the time flies)…and I’ll probably get my ears bent because “HERS” is down TOUGH.

I’ll be watching the blogs ! 73 P