25 May 2011

At last–a clear slot

Where I can at least spend some time catching up with what's been happening – firstly 6m.   I have been missing something it seems ! always the way  - I was not particularly impressed last season but when I get the chance I will have another stab at it. (Beam still stored in the garage)

I have been spending a little time thinking about a new desktop design for the shack here, only last year I built a new pine shelving module to house my Qrp gear (See Pic)  – but that is going to change for sure, with new equipment on the cards it looks like it will have to go as I want it looking like a hamshack should, not a  rubbish tip !  I hate being surrounded by clutter -


I have been completely immersed in “other” projects this past few weeks and have even been going to bed early, which is unusual for me so have not had much airtime at all and now suffering withdrawal symptoms – I desparately need to get on – not this morning though – jobs to get done.  I might catch some action later this afternoon/evening, and I also have tomorrow free as well,  I ‘ll try and get a few cw contacts in the log.   I have put the 40m dipole back in place and it loads up on 20m/15/10 – curiously the internal ATU of the FT450 will not tune it on 20m – but the LDG  auto tuner will, it is cut for 7.030.

Well thats all we have time for right now, there seems to be so much to get done at the moment,  I will continue to post as and when.

22 May 2011

Lack of Radio

Still hankering for a good Radio session but just too busy to get on, so it's best left alone completely - I did steal half an hour over the weekend and noticed 15m was open at 23:00 (Friday I think) with some USA calls being heard - Think I'll wait till I'm totally free to get back on, there were contest's on  (Sunday)...
Plans afoot here for a total station upgrade - I have been thinking about it for a while and will involve replacing the main computer (WITH 4 port serial card),  new  radios, different antennas, not actually decided on anything yet - also re-planning (expanding)  the desktop here as well which hopefully will make things more accessible.

Post again soon

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16 May 2011

No Blogging for me

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post in which I was cooing over my first Rtty contact – and was keen to have more of it – that euphoria has dissipated since being volunteered to help one of my in-laws, the task is keeping me away from both  Radio AND Computer – so have lost track of what’s been happening on-air, sadly there is no end at the moment, although there might be a couple of “odd” days next week, and over the up coming bank holiday, how frustrating !

Back on when I get the chance – so it’s temporarily QRT at the towers here.

Have Fun on 6m if it’s open yet Sad smile