11 Apr 2011

Using ROS??

First “official” Qso  bagged using Ros, quite how it happened is still a bit of a mystery but a contact was initiated by a UA1ZGI Nick in Kowdor, presumably answering my “Beacon” ? anyway I did exchange the necessary reports and it was in the log, I am still not sure what information is being sent in the background by this software.

This however is worth a read !


  1. Hi Peter, very surprising in a way, but I thought so, there must be information that goes out without realizing what is sent. 73 Paul

  2. I don´t see any reason to use a non ducumented secret protocol with a closed source software... That is my view.

    Eric SA5BKE

  3. Hi Paul/Eric
    I am fascinated by this software (I am not a programmer - wish I was !) Your right Paul - when you start up it connects to a "Node" to let other ROS users know your there (This appears to be built into the software and is not a configurable option - also when it has completely decoded a received signal it generates a report (as an SWL) this too appears on a cluster node - this is actually very useful as if you call cq you'll see some stations that received your transmission automatically send a report to the node so you see it instantly - I do not think there is any other information being sent out - It's just so different to any other Digi software I have ever used - forgetting the bandwidth for now I am going to continue using it - for now.

  4. Good morning Peter, I am using a product from Edgeport. It is a USB to serial converter and I have about 5 serial devices going into it and one USB out to PC. I have never had any issues with it. www.digi.com/products/usb/edgeport.jsp#overview I found my on Ebay for a good price.


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