27 Apr 2011


20m was wide open last night (Tues) lots of US stations rolling in so had a short PSK session – called several, nothing – called CQ, nothing – couple of South American stations were called, still nothing so gave up and went to bed.

This morning was scanning around on PSK and called a few stations on 15 & 20m and managed a quick qso into asiatic Russia which in fact turned out NOT to be a qso at all as he was working someone else and somehow the wires got crossed (it happens occasionally) – I was getting frustrated so started changing modes – to date I had never tried RTTY, I’d monitored some of the contest’s in the past but not actually used it so I quickly set it up in HRD and tuned to around 14086+/- and heard a station calling from Algeria – there appeared to be a bit of a pile –up so I waited and got a response on my fourth call – at last a breakthrough 7X2ARA

Then promptly turned off the radio !   I’ll come back later


  1. Hi Peter, I think this summer 20 meter will be open for 24 hours. One problem: how to stay awake? I am a good sleeper... ;-) 73 Paul

  2. Ha ! yes very good point indeed, if it keeps this up we should be able to work the USA and S.America's well into the night - I remember working KL7 in a pile up some years back - that was about 3:00am (SSB as well) spent most of that time waiting my turn to call.
    Also - check out 10m for night time activity, or very early morning you could catch some Asian action (Not that sort) ;-)

  3. Hello Peter, I can understand the frustration. It happened to me so many times in the past. I learned a good antenna is everything and can make the difference. Lucky you made it to Algeria. 73, Bas

  4. Hi Bas
    Your right of course - the antenna is central to the whole process, at present we're using a dipole and they "always" work, but I am going to make another vertical for 20m with a ground system but need to lay about 30-40mtrs of tubing for cabling - xyl is moaning about cables laying around, so we have some work to do yet :-)
    Anyway good to have 7X2 as my first RTTY contact I bet there are'nt too many of those about.

    73 Peter


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