8 Apr 2011


A mode which I completely dismissed last year simply because of the bandwidth – and I confess to not even bothering to look at it – there has been much discussion on this mode during the past year as with most new digital modes regarding it’s efficiency under poor conditions – I cannot comment on that having not used it.

Screenshot_002 Apr. 08, 2011 06.48

Yesterday Paul PC4T downloaded the latest version Ros v 6.4.3 as there were some new additional developments with this latest release and so I thought, Hmm why not – so I delved in to take a look, I have to say it is the most odd looking user interface ! I ran through initial set-up, got the radio (FT450) under CAT  control so thats working and immediately started recieving  on 14.103  - I’m not transmitting yet as there are a few points I’m not sure of but do not seem able to find proper user instructions or a manual – Paul, (PC4T)  I need a little help here !  maybe you have a copy or perhaps you might advise or point me in the right direction – It looks interesting.


  1. Hi Peter, I work incidentally. Sometimes... I never worked DX so far. Maybe I must listen more to the ROS frequencies. Here you can find info: http://rosmodem.wordpress.com/
    The interface looks a bit odd. But I only check the Volume meter. It adjust the volume so, that I avoid to come in the red sector. Put RX button in the upper position, so it can decode all 3. I put RX button into the position what is needed. Just a little bit playing around. I hope you can find enough info on the ROS blog. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul:
    Well I just thought I'd give it a try - I can't moan if I have'nt tried it - mt FT450 runs ok with CAT, and the PTT is working fine - seems odd I cannot find any start-up documentation, there is a FAQ (Pdf) file but it's only general guide and does not describe how to use the software properly - It also looks like it's got some sort of built in cluster explicitly for Ros users, and some sort of reverse beacon reporting system - guess I'll just have to play around, now I know what those strange sounding tones are that come up on 7.115 :-)

    73' Peter


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