11 Apr 2011

ROS: Qso that was’nt

I had been dabbling with ROS yesterday morning during which time I got the call that breakfast was ready so I disappeared, leaving it running – upon my return I could see there had been quite a bit of activity on 20m – I checked PSK reporter and I also scrolled back the ROS activity on-screen – I did a double take as I saw my callsign on screen apparently having had a Qso with EA5DXB Frank in Cartegena – how could this be ? I wasn't there.

Screenshot_001 Apr. 10, 2011 12.25

It looks as though he (Frank)  has mixed up the information somehow with the station that “actually” called him (as you should see in the pic  -  the call G0OKX, Kim in London) he may have brought it up in the qrz lookup too but he has crossed the calls – I also had notification from E-qsl that confirmed the contact which I had to reject. Presumably their contact closed ok – I had a similar thing some years back with an Italian station with the suffix NKX, (easily done.)


  1. Strange - many months ago there was a bit of an uproar from some users when it was discovered ROS was posting spots to a cluster without their consent. I think some people were concerned that if it was doing that, what other information was it sending out? There were claims then that it was reporting contacts that had not been made.

  2. That's interesting - as yet I have only been monitoring, but am not convinced with the software, I'm inclined to wait perhaps for a later version, this is still in it's infancy with room for improvement.

  3. Hi Peter, The moment I start ROS within a few minutes someone calls me. I did not gave a CQ call. The moment you are starting up, information is visible for others that you are 'online' on the frequency you choose. EA5DXB saw that you were QRV on that frequency so he calls you. 73 Paul

  4. Hi Paul - Well this is one of the quirks of ROS software - as a new user I was not sure of this - it seems ROS has it's own user "Spot" informing other users of your availability or "not", one good reason for finding some documentation on it, which I must say appears to be thin on the ground despite several attempts at Googling it - need to know how to drive it first !


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