4 Apr 2011

Quick and Dirty


I was “Fiddling” earlier today and should have realised I did not have the required hardware to do a proper job in making up a dipole centre – after having looked in my “Antenna Box”, so I came up with this as a means of “Getting it Running” – it’s cheap, quick and dirty and something I would’nt normally do, certainly not for any permanent antennas. It’s a simple terminal block strapped to the top section of a Fibreglass fishing pole, or (Crappy Pole as it’s known in some quarters) with a re-usable quick release tie – not brilliant but it worked for test purposes anyway.

The pole is actually a “Sota” pole but my big beef is that they are a bit flimsy at the top (Mine actually snapped off ) so have removed the remaining section – also the problem is any dipole antennas supported should be made as “Light as possible” and preferably using RG174 or similar as even RG58U is way too heavy to support – also the feeder cable is best taped to the mast using electricians tape at the joins, thus waterproofing as well. Now thinking of Spiderbeams.


  1. Hi Peter, an easy solution for a quick test. I like that. I like your new blog layout. 73 Paul

  2. Good Morning Paul - Yes, quick and simple connection, it worked fine - funny yesterday I later came across an article that used the same method :-) - re:- blog layout, wanted to keep it plain and easy on the eye - Thanks for dropping in.

    73 Peter

  3. Good morning Peter, I have been there before too starting something and then getting to far to turn back. The solutions looks like a very good temp one for sure. It was a nice simple solution...I have a tendency to over complicate the simple.

  4. Hi Mike:
    Just needed something "Quick", bit of a lash-up really :-)


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