6 Apr 2011

PY on the ebbing tide

Monitored throughout most of yesterday with several good openings on 10m (Did’nt work any) but it was sporadic, with Liberia EL, Sudan ST, PY, VK   A4 (Oman)  all showing up on CW – Did’nt check any digi at all.

As I was in and out of the shack I did’nt really settle so thought I’d leave it until later – It was not until around 10:15 that I switched on and checked out 20m  (Jt65) and there were still a few stations working, did a quick tune up and spotted PY6HL (Ed)  onscreen so I jumped in and he fired straight back – So we seem to be getting back to some decent propagation once again and it seems to be holding up – I longed for those days when 20m stays open until after dark when Stateside, South Americas, and Carribbean stations seem to peak up just before the “Tide” turns – sometimes it fades off rapidly but if your lucky and dip in there you can work a few before the band closes – I remember during the last but one sunspot cycle 20m was usually crammed with US and South American stations – and I worked KL7, spent most of the evening trying to check in on a DX-net, and waiting my turn (One of my VERY FEW ssb contacts)

As one who prefers operating “Lower” Power I’m always pleased to work anything remotely “DX’

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