22 Apr 2011

Parcel Delivery

I noticed Mike VE3WDM commenting on his recent "Parcel Delivery", well in contrast I ordered an item earlier in the week and was annoyed that I'd just missed the next day delivery time,they then told me the items would not be dispatched until four days time (yesterday, 21st Apr) which meant I probably would not receive the items until next week earliest (Tues) because of the bank holiday monday - low and behold the goods turn up next day 19 hours after I'd placed the order, and I'd only paid for the standard delivery - they did not use UPS though ! this was UK Royal Mail - also about a month back I ordered the new 2Mb memory strip for my Netbook from a "Well known" supplier  - I was amazed to see it turn up next day - reckon I've been pretty lucky lately with most of the stuff I've ordered,  next "Ham" items will probably take forever !

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  1. Good morning Peter, that's great it showed up the next day. It is frustrating when you miss the delivery. Across the pond here I would much rather use Canada Post or USPS. They, like the Royal are fast and custom clearing fee's are a low flat rate. I do find that items from the U.S. do get held up at Canada customs sometimes for a week or so but that has nothing to do with either the USPS or Canada Post.

  2. Hello MIke:
    Just wait when I order a new rig it will take an age :-) I have had stuff delayed using UPS in the past and I ended up having to wait two weeks - also we have had problems when they knock the door (supposedly) got no answer and taken it away again even though our front driveway was full of cars, and they dont make any attempt to raise your attention Grrrr ! So frustrating.

    73's & have a good weekend.

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