21 Apr 2011

Lyrid Meteor Shower

Dont forget to keep an eye on the skies during the very early hours of the 22nd April (Fri) as earth enters the debris of comet “Thatcher”, the annual Lyrid shower should produce up to 30 meteors per hour – enjoy the show and have a good Easter weekend !


  1. Hi Peter, the 'Iron Lady' shower? ;-) The sky is bright, so we'll take a look. What a nice header you have! How did you do that? 73 Paul

  2. Good Morning Paul - I was sitting here playing with "Gimp", I printed a sheet from my logbook and photographed it then just toned the image down to about 45% transparency - played with the colours to a rough match and built it using layers and merged it down - Gimp is very much like photoshop (without burning a hole in your pocket);-) The width you can see and alter in the blogger design (Layout) so it's very easy to change if needed - it's fun to do as well.

    Enjoy lovely Easter WX - I am going to have my own Psk party this weekend, see if I can drag up some DX ! Have Fun.

    73 Peter

  3. Hi Peter, well done, I'm not known with that program, but it sure looks good. Also have a nice and happy Easter weekend. 73 Paul


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