5 Mar 2011

Wspr’ing on 20m

The last couple of days have seen dry crisp sunny days here in the UK due to  high pressure sitting over Europe so I decided early on to get out in the garden here and get some outside work done – I had intended to “slip in” some antenna work by erecting a 20m homebrew antenna  but it did not work out that way.

So today we had a spell of Wspr on 20m – the conditions were good, the solar flux was up to 127 – it  was slow to get going but soon we were being reported in some DX locations, conditions were good.

Dx for today on 20m was surprising – my 5w was being reported by:

VE9GJ  4575km

WZ4Z 7084km

VK3SMC 17002km

W6AFK 6929km

HS0ZED 9597km

VK4YEH 16621km

VK1JA 17075

WB8HWF 6138

VK2ZIW 17035km

9V1AL 10922km

UN7DB  5418km

Plus a good few others – I was very surprised to see such  a good opening today on 20m – conditions seem to be improving nicely, lets hope this trend continues – I had been considering removing this End Fed – I might rig up the vertical as a temporary antenna for 20m just to see how it goes – Looking good!

Awaiting delivery of new “Netbook”, watch this space.

Have good weekend.


  1. Nice DX with 5W. See some DXCC I do not yet have seen at WSPR. So, next week I've got a new task. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas:
    Yes today proved very worth while as cond'x were good - Nice to let wspr run while I'm working outside - I look every hour to check, and big surprise ! Tomorrow I put up a vertical and see what it can do.

    73 Peter

  3. I too have been on 20 meters WSPR with 1 watt and getting some very surprising openings into Europe. It's nice the SFI has taken a trip in the positive direction.

  4. Hello Peter, good results. A real good looking list to be proud of. 73 Paul

  5. Hi Mike/Paul:
    Yes conditions were good - No Wspr today (Sun) bit busy here and I have been out away from the radio - I will be erecting a Vertical during this week on 20m so w
    73 Peter


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