28 Mar 2011

WARNING my sensors indicate !!

Another Scam, Virus, Trojan ??
Probably, they hit the "Bit Bucket" anyway here at NKX Towers - My inbox took delivery of half a dozen or so messages last week from "UPS", advising of undelivered parcels with a nice little attachment  in the form of either a .rar  .zip  file - now only I know for certainty that I am NOT expecting any parcels from UPS !  dont be tempted to open them especially if your running windows.
The message reads:-
Dear customer.

The parcel was sent your home address.
And it will arrive within 7 business day.

More information and the tracking number are attached in document below.

Thank you.
© 1994-2011 United Parcel Service of America, Inc.


This weekend I have not been at the computer at all until last evening (SUN) and only had a few e-mails delivered - this morning I have another five of these things laying in wait - all from different addresses - I am suspicious of ANY mail these days and as far as I'm concerned if it comes from an unknown scource (With Attachments) it gets bounced.


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  1. Hi Peter, thanks for the warning. Normally when I receive an email I don't recognize or trust, I delete it. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Peter, it's so obvious. These mails are only showing up in my spambox. 73, Bas

  3. Hi Peter,

    1 showed up here also.
    Regards - Jim

  4. Hi Guys - Problem is they come from different addresses, and slightly alter the subject content which makes it difficult to filter - Also beware of other supposedly genuine mailings from building societies and banks bearing "Official Logo's"? not always the case - dont attempt replying either as they'll know for sure the account is active.
    This is one of the big problems I do have running windows 7 (or any other M/Slop O/S)... If I get any security issues with W7 here she's a gonner for sure and it's Hello Linux (Again) ;-)


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