21 Mar 2011

VK on 20m Wspr

Trying out an experiment today with a homebrew vertical for 20m so I thought I’d gear up with some whispering – it started off a bit slow this morning (Mon), mostly EU but was soon getting some DX reporting, notably Leigh VK2KRR  -  NO WONDER !!

BigGun VK2KRR 

Running his Quad band Yagi up goodness knows what height

I do envy those who have the real estate for such installations – even if I had one I would still only use low power Winking smile

Anyway we’re getting quite a few W’s and VE’s this afternoon although I notice the SF index has dropped quite considerably since early last week’s 157 Peak.



I had been having problems with an intermittent fault which I traced to the plug on one of the audio cables, seemed to have developed a break inside the jack from the interface – it’s running again with a “Temp” repair but need to make up some new cables – one of those VERY tedious but necessary jobs, how I hate making up leads – In fact, I Sooo  cannot be bothered I might actually buy some ready made. I do have the time but I consider my time would be better spent on other aspects of the hobby.


  1. Hi Peter, that antenna is very impressive. But too big for me... ;-) By the way, nice result anyway. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul:
    Yes it is impressive, too big for me - I'll stick with dipoles and verticals, I would say at the moment the vertical IS better than the End Fed here - I hope to make more use of it during this week - I might switch to a vertical permanently - I am thinking of a "Hustler" multibander - but need to work out the layout for radials.

    73 Peter

  3. Hi Peter, with a vertical you have a lower radiation angel, good for DX. You have to keep in mind that a lot of the verticals are compromise antennas. Efficiency is not always good. A good informative website about all kind of antennas:


    good luck, 73 Paul

  4. Hi Paul:
    Yes thanks for that - Yes most of the commercially available antennas are a compromise - thats the price you pay for multiband performance especially on the lower bands 40m and down - and bandwidth shrinks too.
    I might get one that perhaps covers 4 bands, the rest I could use temporary installations only.
    My 20m vert is better than the End Fed overall by perhaps a couple of S points - especially on the longer haul signals.

    Thanks for the link - de Peter


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