1 Mar 2011


Well, thought it was time to get another post in – really just an update on whats “not” happening here at this time (Radio wise") nothing – I have been very busy these last two weeks or so emptying and marketing a property so it been taking up some time and I’m swamped in paperwork and its piling up daily at the moment – I have been wondering how I ever found the time to work – even so I’m my own boss and things get done MY way WHEN   I’M ready – thats the good bit.

Still pondering on  this Netbook, I looked at most of the “Major”  ones and read through the reviews, looked at the You tube videos, visited in store to see for myself – at the end what I need is something to edit text, e-mail, surf the web, checking blogs etc…  write letters and create .docs and small spreadsheets (not all at the same time)…. watch standard you tube vid’s live, and use it for portable psk and logging, thats it  -  I have one top priority, “Battery Life”,  this does narrow the field slightly but after all this what I want it for, “Portability”

The Samsung N220 stands out head and shoulders above the rest for me and it’s  a well built piece of kit, as opposed to some of the others which look tacky and cheap, and a non glare screen (I hate Black Glossy finishes) too – trouble is it breaks my budget – and the critics will then say “spend just that bit extra and you get a slightly larger screen, a full intel i3/5 processor nvidia graphics and your into a full laptop.

Anyone use a Samsung Netbook?

Let me know what you think of it, I just need to be tipped over the edge  to get it – the Asus 1215 gets a 5 star rating but it’s way over priced – give me some feedback I need convincing  -  Also with regard to running it, they come with a cut down version of w7, they do say its too bloated for these Atom processors although it’s designed for netbooks, would I be better off  installing XP on it, then I could run some simple psk/logging app’s, also I have my usb stick with which I could run Linux.


Not quite there yet – it’s 5c as I write, and has been for several days, that mild week we had a couple of weeks ago is long forgotten although there is activity on the bird front – we now have a dawn chorus with the Blackbirds featuring strongly, just waiting to hear song from the Thrush who although quite rare in some parts is a frequent spring/early summer visitor round here.

Have concluded my “Par Type” antenna at 66ft length works reasonably well on 40/30/20m  but is very inefficient on the other bands, in particular 80m in which it does a particularly good job of cloud warming – average distance worked/heard app’x 500km, It tunes and loads up ok on all bands (NOT 160m) .

Next up will be a Vertical – so will be pressing my homebrewed vertical into action, I am going to try it on a short mast app’x 10feet above ground with two sloping  horizontal radials  terminating 3 or 4 feet above ground – it was designed to work on 15m but that band has not sprung to life  yet so might persuade it to  play on 17m.

Finally today I notice the solar flux just crept up to 95 and looking unsettled again ? but the noise floor is S3 – 5 not too clever.

Back to clearing some of this paperwork as cannot see daylight yet.


  1. Hi Peter, the PAR type antenna has a tuned LC circuit. So it's difficult the tune below the tuned frequencies, only with a 66 ft counterpoise you can run it perhaps on 80 meter. It does 'hear' on higher frequencies but is less efficient. GL with the paper work, and spring is not yet here. 73 Paul

  2. All ok Paul - Well this ones coming down very soon - I am going to put up a new 40m diploe and the vertical I'll try to get on 20m - I have acres of fields at the back here but the farmer has livestock on it from time to time - PITY.

    73 Peter

  3. I have a Samsung NC10 and it was certainly a well built machine with good battery life and I think the best of the netbooks available at the time I got it which must be a couple of years ago now.

  4. Hi Julian - you are the second person I know running a Samsung, and all reports are positive - it will break my budget but that extra I'm thinking should be worth it.


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