8 Mar 2011

Open Office Blogging

I deleted the last post - it was an experiment anyway having learned there was an Open Office extension that allowed you to post directly to Blogger - I thought it was interesting to see if it worked - It does, however for some reason does not pick up on "Images"  - everything else seems to  work, Formatting, Tables, Colours, Fonts/Type etc... ... ... After I'd downloaded it I found a whole page of complaints about it either not working at all, or when a post was published it spewed out a whole bunch of Gibberish - I gather MS Word does has a "Blogger" feature built into it also, but you will have probably gathered I'm not one BG's followers - I was just playing to see if there were simple alternatives for posting - Firefox has an add-on called Scribefire which I have used in the past - works ok,  but keeps dropping out ( Forgets the blogger address), then will suddenly work again  -  same with the Flock browser - I liken this to HRD - just plain complicated.

I am going to have another look as when my netbook turns up I want something small and above all "Easy" to send post's  Open Office is probably a bit heavyweight for a netbook anyway - Back to the drawing board


  1. I nearly always just write straight into Blogger. If I didn't want to do that I could write in Wordpad and copy/paste into Blogger at the last moment. But why do things the easy way when technology provides so many ways to make things more complicated. :)

  2. Hi Julian - your probably right on it, why bother with all the memory hogging Techno stuff? I might just start doing that, bizzare as it may seem I dont often use the online blogger to post - its just the same as using google.docs or any web based mailer I guess.


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