30 Mar 2011

Japan on Jt65

I thought  I'd spare some time on the radio today as I have not been spending much time on it lately, so fired up Jt65 on 20m - made a call and Nowt - Nada - Zilch,  strange it was working last time I'd used it - so quickly switched to HRD and it wouldn't load either - even stranger, my suspicions were confirmed after re-booting, the virtual Com port drivers had not loaded up - it's the first time it has happened - so back to Jt65.
No one was coming back so I stuck with it and did finally make two contacts, one into France, Pierre F5GPE  -  and  K0IDT Ron in Lincoln Nebraska,  I came back some time later and tried a few more calls but it was getting to the stage of frustration, so I had a quick look on 15m and there were a couple of VERY faint traces on the waterfall - they turned out to be VK's and a couple of JA's down in the noise, I thought I'd give a shout, you never know !  BANG  JE2TLZ straight back with a report, he is on the outskirts of Nagoya - I have not worked Japan for many years and am very pleased to do so today and it's a new one for me on Jt65 - it's a liitle slow but a great mode (I was using 20w) to an End Fed on this occasion.

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  1. Hi Peter, nice contact! 15 meter is a nice band and last week pretty good. Just worked Kazakhstan on 20 m JT65. So now and then I look at the screen, but I am busy with my blog to complete is. Good luck, 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul - I was surprised he came back to me, but pleased all the same - good luck with setting up your pages, must do something with mine.

    73's Peter

  3. Hi Peter, I saw you are heard in VK also on 21 MHz. 73 Paul

  4. Hi Peter, it's time you spend a little more time at radio and less with FF, Opera, Chrome, Windows and Linux ;-) Hope to read more of your radio adventures. 73, Bas

  5. Ok Paul Thanks - too carried away with working JA to notice I guess !
    GA Bas - Hmm your right, but i have developed a fascination with speed - when I use Linux its much faster than W7 - but yes I need to get log entries.


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