16 Mar 2011

Iphone Bug

Iphone bugs :-
Seems Apples Iphones allow users to watch films, surf the internet, and even navigate, but apparrently is STILL having difficulty with such menial tasks as telling the time.
In the US its been reported it fell short in the "One hour ahead"  daylight savings time.
I find it incredible that here we are on gen 4 phones still with problems with all this modern technology to hand.
Apparently users were waking up last weekend to find they were two hours adrift, and phoning apple to complain - now British users are being told to be aware when the clocks go forward an hour on March 27, Twitter was awash with "Solutions"???  Either Power down and re-boot the device, or, switch to "Airplane mode"???
Thing I dont like about these modern phones is that they encourage use of internet connection - even when your unaware of it - a lot of these "Apps" run in the background, next time you get your bill check the itemised list to see what your phones been connecting to !

A phone is a phone - why do we need all these "Apps" ? 



  1. Funny you should mention the time change problem with the Iphone. I had no troubles with mine on Sunday morning when I woke up. But on the way home from work on Tuesday my phone for some reason lost an hour again. Not sure why it happened. I called the carrier and they had no idea why this happened. All is well for now with the Iphone.

  2. I agree, Peter. I don't need a phone that's smarter than I am. I got a Windows smartphone so I could run APRS on it which I then gave up using because it drained the battery so I didn't have a phone at all. But while it can (for a couple of hours anyway until the battery is flat) tell me where I am, transmit and receive PSK31 and many other digital modes, control my ham station over the internet, predict ISS passes and countless other things, it's really quite complicated to do things like make a phone call or send a text message compared to dedicated phones. I often wonder if progress is going in the right direction.

  3. Hi Mike/Julian
    Well, I new you could set up Aprs etc... was not aware you could tx on Psk, and remote operations, I do not posess a "Smartphone" I do have what one might describe as an "Enrty Level" Touch phone, it runs symbian, does use "Apps" most of which connect to the internet - I hardly use them now, it was a novelty at first until Xmas when my low tarif suddenly quadrupled, shock horror ! I hardly used the phone during January - Also texting my xyl in the city requires 7 or 9 key entries to send, depending which route you take, Bonkers!

  4. Hi Peter, that's why I have a simple phone only for calling and SMS. I disabled my internet connection. 73 Paul

  5. Hello Paul:
    Well I do like this touch phone, I have got used to the way it handles and sending an SMS message is a breeze, and it has handwriting recognition (if you fancy something different)...? but sending "Characters" is a bit long winded having to switch from screen to screen every time - I might get another phone to "Play with, something cheap and cheerful thats does the job it was intended for -
    Making calls, and sending Text's. No Camera, No internet, No "APPS" ! :-)

    73 Peter


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