29 Mar 2011


I thought I'd take a look at Firefox 4 since I have been playing with the Browsers lately, also since I'd found Opera to be so much quicker that the Firefox 3.x.x , it deserved a chance - to begin, the download was faultless, as was installation and upon firing up (Instant Reaction) it's a Chrome copy, with a distinct whiff of Googles Chrome - but of course it's not, a deeper look revealed slightly more to it than Chrome, though was disappointed to find it was just as slow as the old version.
I quickly checked Chrome and it took four seconds to fire up - actually I was surprised at this  -  once again back to FF4 and it fired up in some eleven seconds (On this machine) with 2Mb ram...! H'mmm maybe it's this "Haminfo Bar thingy" ? I disabled it and it came up with seven seconds +/-, but I find the "Haminfo Bar" very useful, and once your running it's ok so I guess I'll put up with it's slow starting.
Out of interest I checked all three one after the other, bear in mind this is purely from a "user" point of view and is in no way intended to be a Technical "Review", here goes

Opera   8s     FF4  7s (Without Haminfo Bar)  11s (With)  Chrome 4-5s

IE9?  I have deleted all shortcuts and routes pointing to it on this system.

I run all the usual video and audio addons, the only others are  a screenshot tool, and the scribefire addon for the blogging which I only use for convenience as it's quicker than Windows Live-writer (Very nice but too slow) But then again that might be due to "W7"?
Might as well stick with FF4 - not a lot between them

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  1. I don't use HamInfoBar but I do use other Firefox add-ins that make it indispensable even if it is slower (you should try to test, if you can, how long it takes to actually load pages.)


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