29 Mar 2011

Firefox 4 Page Loading

No issues with it at all – Julian G4ILO pointed out that perhaps its page loading that we should be looking at so I conducted a test this morning using

Firefox 4  -  Opera  -  Google Chrome

I actually ran the test twice over and averaged out the final totals –  sites visited included  PC4T, G4ILO, G4NKX, BBC NEWS, LINUX DISTROWATCH, UBUNTU, SONY UK, OPEN SUSE, STAPLES, FEDORA PROJECT…… plus a good few other popularly visited ham sites.

Final Average times for loading pages

1. Opera        5.61s

2. Firefox 4    5.76s

3. Chrome     6.00s

All  browsers performed well in my book, speed wise (Nothing in it at all) so it’s just down to personal preference, having used all three this morning I have developed more affinity to Firefox although it’s different to the old version, and I like the look and feel of it (Must check to see if it’s available for Linux yet).

Obviously page loading times will vary from one machine to another depending on the installed hardware – this is a bog standard Intel 3.4 dual core, running a 250Gb HDD and 2Mb ram and W7

I’ll be sticking with FF4 but would’nt hesitate in using the others.


  1. Hi Peter, I also do like the feel of Firefox 4. It's quicker than my Chrome browser. I don't have Opera. So I stick for the time being with FF4. 73 Paul

  2. Good morning Peter, I am in the process of trying the three browsers on my 2 machines and will see which one I prefer both to speed and user friendliness.

  3. Hi Paul/Mike
    So let Battle commence ;-) my test's are by no means conclusive, I just needed to do a comparison logging into the same websites with all three - there really IS nothing between them - whatever floats your boat ! I am happy with FF4 - having said that I prefer Opera on my Netbook, as it has the mail facility included and it saves having to open up another application to read mail.

  4. Very interesting, Peter. I tried Chrome a while ago and got the feeling it was a lot quicker than Firefox, though I couldn't use it due to its lack of support for extensions and multiple Gmail accounts. I'm surprised, but happy that Firefox 4 is quicker than Chrome.

  5. Hi Julian - yes, that's another thing - Addons and extensions, FF IS very well supported in that department. I would be happy to use ANY of these Browsers - Firefox does it for me though - Opera is great on the netbook for the mail client - purely a convenience thing for me.

  6. Hi Peter, did read your posting with great interest. I used all browsers, still use Opera on my mobile. I prefer Chrome, though FF is getting close. And indeed it is better in supporting addons and extensions. 73, Bas

  7. Hi Bas:
    Thanks for dropping in, funny I also had Opera on my old mobile - I remember that was quite fast to load and had the speed-dial pages for quick lookup - must see if I can use it on my current phone.

    73, Peter


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