24 Mar 2011


I have been using Firefox for as long as I can remember now on both Win and Linux after dumping IE years ago after suffering with a plague of security issues, and finding websites of dubious origin constantly appearing in my bookmarks, Firefox also seemed to have a broader selection of addons.

The last couple of weeks on my main machine I had noticed Firefox seemed  to be getting a bit sluggish - ok I had three or four addons attached to it including this Hambar thingy which I happen to like as it combines a whole bunch of links and pages concerning Amateur radio, and it's a convenience thing - tonight (Thur) I decided to disable the addons to see if it made any difference, (to be honest - not a great deal), the browser did fire up a bit quicker but nothing special, so I decided to take the plunge and install Opera, as it claimed to be quicker.

Having downloaded it the install was totally hassle-free, AND everything appeared as it should, and wow ! yes it IS quicker - it has a different feel and look to Firefox but I'm sure I'll get used to it soon - it also still incorporates its own mail client which I have not set up as yet.

One thing I did want was the ability to post blogs from it - Luckily Opera has the Scribefire addon which pops up under a new tab - all in all it looks quite good, and it's possible to personalise the layout too.

I was confident enough to also install it on my netbook to see if it was quicker than Firefox - Yes it is.

I will set up the mail client on the netbook as its all under one hood - thats good as we dont want too many windows running so I will erase Thunderbird,  but on my main machine I use a personal information manager for mail so I'll leave it be - that comes from using Linux for so long.

I am actualy making this post using the Scribefire addon using Opera, now I should get back to using Opera to see how it performs.  Might do a follow-up later.




  1. Google Chrome (Google's version of the free and open source Chromium browser) is also worth a try. See what works best for you. Opera is a good browser; the only downside is that the developers do have a habit of launching features in the browser, which for sudden and unexplained reasons, get dropped when they launch an update. No idea why.

  2. Good morning Peter, well this morning over coffee it took IE way to long to load. So I downloaded Opera and it is just great but as you said there is a bit of a learning curve. As Hugh has suggested I will give Chrome a go as well. Thanks for the blog writeup on Opera very informative and so far so good with speed.

  3. Hi Hugh/Mike

    I have tried Chrome, its a good browser, very minimalistic interface - not sure about some of the addons available, but It's one of the top three IMHO well worth a go, as ususal - what might suite one may not necessarily suite another, suck it and see (As they say)..
    I have the mail running on this netbook now - pretty neat as it downloads your mail directly after booting which is nice (No need to worry about firing up an e-mail client - still trying to find things though.

    Thanks for the comments de Peter


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