4 Feb 2011


Today I decided to have a full crack at some Wspr’ing on 20m, mainly inspired by Paul PC4T’s recent excellent results using his end fed – I have been very impressed with the results he seems to  have achieved  and always amazes me with his reports despite the very poor conditions of late – I have been watching the Solar Flux dropping daily and frequencies above 10Mhz have been sparsely populated and the higher bands have been closed after about 16:00.

So was very surprised to find I had been reported by the following  using the end fed up 10m with 5w.




  1. Hi Peter, not bad for your modest setup. Worldwide DX so to say. I was a little surprised you didn't receive me?! But you received PC4T...
    Strange....if I was not received by a lot of others I would think something was wrong with my transmitter. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas - yes very odd - still cannot explain why certain stations cannot always be heard both ways especially when you are in the same locations geographically - I had noticed that with some other stations - I can only guess that it's something to do with the propagation, or antenna orientation, or a combination of the two, the opening to the Netherlands was very marginal anyway on 20m and was open for about half an hour I guess before some W's were seen.

    Cheers for now Peter


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