4 Feb 2011

Working “DX” should be fun


DX chasers Read-ME


  1. Hello Peter, I just had in mind to do the same post today... now I don't of course. Yes, I hope that hams all around the world will read it and practise this DX code. 73 Paul

  2. Morning Paul
    I have been doing a lot of listening recently during the evenings and some of the behaviour in the pileups is appauling - consistantly calling when the dx station is 1 or more "split" operation - its a mess, I avoid pileups like the plague - I have checked into proper organised dx nets where you are entered on a list - you then wait your turn - seems to work but I dont have the inclination these days, I take whatever comes along (Surprise me).....! ;-) what chance for qrp?

    73 Peter

  3. There is nothing new about bad operating and I gave up DXing decades ago for just that reason. Does it really matter if I make a contact with some rarely activated place? No it doesn't. It would be nice, but it isn't worth the toll on my blood pressure.

  4. Hi Peter, as you may or may not have seen from my blog, I am a DX chaser, but a selective one at that, I wont shout for ages in a pile up, as Julian says it's not worth the blood pressure, I move the vfo and listen about.

    I heard one station in a pile up constantly calling over the dx station...bizarre, I tuned away for the sake of my BP !

    73 Paul.

  5. GA all, like Julian I just dont even bother now to see who the DX station is, I tune away or even change bands, it is a shame, but by careful tuning around when conditions are good you can often pick up stations calling and you can nip in quickly before the "Pile" forms - or as many years ago on 40m I called cq on a very quiet band and worked two ZL's and a VK one after the other, a freak perhaps - I've never worked ZL since :-(


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