24 Feb 2011

Return of Linux

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I have been Missing my Linux badly, after all I had been using it 100% over the previous 4 years and my experience with it had been very good, I am a USER not a programmer and yes there was a bit of a learning curve but I had previously "Dabbled" with it in the 90's - all down to Rob G3RCE who introduced me to "Packet Radio" and of course computing, those were pioneering days with the Computer/Radio Fusion, sadly the whole AX25 Packet network collapsed round these parts and for a brief time I was using Linux to forward onto the TCP/IP network, but that too became unreliable ( some stations would drop out periodically or go qrt)  so  for me the Linux seed had been well and truely sown and did run it again in 2000.
So - I have decided to re-install, this time on a USB drive, the reason being - I can keep my existing Win7 (Happily appears quite stable) so why break it...  and also I'll be able to boot the new Laptop (When I get it)  or should I say "Netbook".
I remembered getting into a discussion with one of those "Tekkie" guys at one of the high street retailers here in the UK and he mentioned about a program called UNETBOOTIN which is basically an installer, It's quite clever - It gives you a selection of the Linux images (or distro's) from which to choose, you then select which version you want, it then connects direct to the download site - downloads the image and then asks you to insert your usb drive (if it's not already) Formats it (WARNING: BE CAREFUL HERE - DONT NUKE YOUR C:\ DRIVE) I've been there !  then asks for confirmation of installation to this drive (Double Check). . . .! Done.
The installation went quite quickly without hitch, and my main machine booted up from the usb drive first time (After making the necessary adjustments in the Bios)   Great . . Linux Ubuntu 10.10  it was good to have it running again and from the usb drive its still faster than Win7, Boots faster - closes much much quicker, Firefox is quicker, it responds quicker and has that familiar "Feel", I love it and some of those everyday editors and note-takers are still available (And free), no licensing issues - Fantastic ! I am a very happy Bunny today and cannot wait to try it out on the Netbook I've not decided on yet  ;-)
By the way here's the Link to unetbootin


Screenshot_003 Feb. 24, 2011 06.30


  1. Hi Peter, well, you are very enthusiastic about Linux. But Windows 7 runs perfectly here, and I have no experiences so far with Linux. You can run all radio software with Linux? I think about SDR radio but all products are for XP or earlier versions. Not for Win7. So I wait till there is a Win 7 version for SDR. My eldest son have worked with Linux. I can ask him to help me out. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Peter, my son is a computer whiz kid and he just loves Linux. It's good to hear that your like me not a computer tekkie. I have heard what you said about Linux echoed by anyone who runs the program. I have been wanting to use it but felt it was just for the whiz bongs of the PC field. Maybe when I get some time I will do as you did and put it on a thumb drive and work with it while I surf and stuff.

  3. Hi Paul/Mike
    I just had to have it running again - so I could have my daily "Fix", Win7 does a good job and it allows me to run the latest gizmo Ham software and logging stuff - Linux has Cqrlog/Gpredict (Satellite Tracking) XDX cluster software, fLDigi for digimodes, or Gmfsk, and like Win there are other packages available, but probably not as good - most of the proven software IS Win based.
    I just cannot wait to run this new system on a new Laptop (Netbook) ? not sure yet - I need ultra compactness/Portability - am still pondering !

    73 Peter


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