6 Jan 2011

Welcome 2011

Greetings all – to another New Year!

Radio activity was non-existent here over Xmas – just the odd spot of jt65, (must gear up for some proper radio this year – CW) ! and still eying a K3 (Probably K4 by the time I get round to it)…  I did take a couple of walks, and I have been playing with some new Photo editing software which is giving some pleasing results – I have also installed a new  colour laser printer which gives a deep crisp finish (On decent weight laser paper – NOT gloss  though) Win 7 is still behaving after the disappearing cd drives episode, I have been keeping an eye on that one, thats very strange, I reckon it may well have been before Christmas when I tried to install Photoshop but it could not read a .cab file on the cd – I copied all the files to a folder on the HHD and tried to install from there – it did start but failed and at some stage altered the registry, it always bothers me during installs and especially uninstall programs, you never know what's happening or what state your file systems left in, anyway it seems ok now.

Hopefully getting back into full swing soon – so good luck for 2011


  1. Hello Peter, best wishes for the new year. I also have a slow start, did some JT65 qso's, but not much. I consider a few possibilities for the hobby. More bands or less? Which modes? Etc. I use Photoshop for photo editing. I like that very much. I like photographing as well. See my family blog: www.stammetjes.blogspot.com

    Hope to work you this year. 73 Paul

  2. Good morning Peter, Happy New Year to you and your family. Sounds like you had a restful holiday. The K3 is a great radio and I have not been disappointed with it at all.

  3. Good Morning Paul:
    Fine on Photoshop - I ended up using xara and Photoplus, they are doing a fine job here, but a steep learning curve - I was using "Gimp" but it keeps crashing so gave up.
    Re: Radio this year, really must get back to the Cw - I do listen a lot and my receive has improved a lot, and must make a real effort with Psk but I find it gets so tedious at times - pity as I spent so much effort getting it to run, still - there are other modes.
    SSB ? rarely use it - perhaps a few times a year, I used to come up on a 40m net some time agao but it's all changed now.
    Anyway I'm always on the lookout for fellow Bloggers digi or otherwise and I am sure we'll cross paths ;-)

    73 Peter


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