12 Jan 2011

The thrill of Qrp

I was thinking earlier today, believe it or not whilst doing some house chores  on the occasions I have  put my FT817 on the end of the bed, or the xyl’s dressing table and attached my ATX antenna with a short “counterpoise” thrown out the window – and not only worked EU stations on cw, but also – on more than one occasion SSB as well (though not too often) I remember also going onto the morning 40m net which some readers (might) recall being run by the late G3CNO (Joe) along with some of the locals down here on the  south coast.

I tentatively called in one morning hardly expecting anyone to hear me,  proved by having to make six or seven calls and, surrounded by chatter and splatter, (you know how it is on 40m) ? anyway I finally got the break and was eventually heard and got a 4  4 from someone in the midlands, but Joe’s nephew MM0BED Jamie copied 5 9 up in Campbeltown Scotland – the band was right for me that day with my 5w doing FB - I had good propagation to 500 miles plus  distance, what a thrill – no big gun antennas – no Qro and running off a gel cell – this radio accompanied me on several “Christmas Expeditions” and in similar fashion continued amaze and amuse !

Half the fun is it’s not actually planned but more a spontaneous activity – plug and go ! and of course that “surprise” element in not knowing whether you might actually work anyone at all !  unlike those multi elements  beaming long path with anything from 300-800w (Plus) ?  and almost guaranteed a taker –  he who shouts loudest,  What is the legal limit anyway?  Who  cares.

So one of these fine days I will set my FT817 up on my xyl’s dressing table complete with the ATX/Counterpoise and gel cell combo and maybe surprise myself yet again – so, EU is not DX?  does it matter, in my book any contact goes.

So turn down the wick, you might be amazed.


  1. Blimey! My FT-817 is on my XYL's dressing table too!
    Been there since Sunday, but currently connected to a 2m/70cms GP in the loft ... Now you have just given me an idea ....

    73 Andre'

  2. Hi Andre'

    I bet it involves connecting an HF antenna ?
    Let us know what your up to.

    73 Peter

  3. My rig is set up on a little table (in a spare room) and the antenna is "bungee corded" to a bed post railing. Hihi I work all kinds of stations with peanut power.

    I've found that QRP is a lot like fishing. You never know what you're gon'a catch till you throw the line in the water.

    I'm glad you're having fun. The surprise factor is a big part of this mode. 72's

  4. If it works - thats good enough, thats what I like about qrp you can just lash a few bits together and you have a running station - I see no fun in Qro at all - Big Antennas, Heavy cables, Amplifiers, Towers...! I prefer it "Goathiker" style.

    Roll on Summer.


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