12 Jan 2011

Poor band cond’x

I was around quite early this morning and thought I’d have a crack on the radio – I checked 40 and was frankly disappointed at what I was hearing (or not)  .. 30 and 20m were not a lot better either – I noticed on the cluster there was some 10m activity, but not in northern europe Sad smile  Jt65 was thin on the ground as was Psk   and cw – sunspot activity  was down with some 20 active regions and solar flux about 89, not a great deal of improvement from this time last year – although I seem to remember there was one particular week during March when 40m was crawling with W’s on both cw and psk but faded off again – then we started getting short 6 and 10m openings – One can but hope ? plenty of time yet.


  1. I've noticed poor to only marginal conditions on the bands over the last few days. As I am restricted to 17 meters, I can't comment on the lower bands. Still managed to get a few contacts with my QRP cw rig and low dipole. No record breaking dx. Unfortunately, the clock continues to tick away this cycle. 73 Dick

  2. Hi Peter, I posted a comment earlier this morning, but it is gone... OK, again: last night 40 meter was in a bad shape. Higher bands closed. On 80 meter no contacts with PSK, so I tried JT65 with success. 73 Paul

  3. This morning, 12 Jan around 0745 UTC I was on 80m and I heard a couple G stations in a net working a PY using SSB. I couldn't hear the PY. I think I had too much noise or my wire is not good enough.

  4. Hi everyone - thanks for popping in here, yes bands are poor at the moment, I sure expected to see just a bit more on than there was, but 17/20 & up closed around 4:00pm 40 and 30m not much better - 80 is not my favourite band but will have a poke around tonight - I did notice some digital activity the other night - OK Dick on ur qrp, it IS frustrating I know - I look forward to when 20m opens up where 5w East coast USA qso's will be possible with my fishing pole dipoles !!??

    73 All


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