13 Jan 2011

Life on 40m

What did I say in an earlier post about poor band conditions? well I stayed up a bit later tonight (Wed) lo and behold there is life on 40m,  almost as busy as 20m on a good day I’d say – plenty of activity on Jt65  I monitored for a while, I did work Dmitri EW1MU as you can see the band was quite busy and here are just a few !

Screenshot_001 Jan. 13, 2011 00.18



Screenshot_003 Jan. 13, 2011 00.19


  1. HI peter, I was to bed too early... :-( In the early evening I worked EW1MU too on 40 meter. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul:
    Your an early bird today ! yes I was surprised to see so many stations running Jt65 on this band, I did not intend working anyone but just wanted to check activity - today I will be checking the bands again - It is very gloomy here this morning, thick cloud and rain - its a radio day ;-)

    73 Peter


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