19 Jan 2011


I turned my attention yesterday to tracking ISS  (International Space Station) and did actually hear on the Downlink OR4ISS calling SP7POS though there seemed little else happening before disappearing over the horizon – I later heard the same call working  on a later pass but was short lived (in Italian)?

This has reawakened my desire to work the satellites so this might be a project for 2011.


The next decent pass (and possible viewing appears to be on Friday at around 16:35 Local) Bins at the ready !


Screenshot_001 Jan. 19, 2011 17.41


  1. Hi Peter, sounds interesting. What frequency? And which mode do they use? 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul:
    Downlink for Rx is 145.800 and should be ok if using an outside antenna - I have a co-linear up 10m

    73 Peter

  3. Hi Peter, what mode? FM or SSB?

  4. Hi Paul:

    My sat tracking is not actually displaying correctly the next Pass is 09:39 TODAY its a 60 degree pass so should hear it fine.
    THEN there is another at 11:15 (72 degrees, almost overhead) and 12:50 (62 degrees) then it fades off - next ones will be Friday.
    check Amsat (ISS) site.
    Mode FM

    73 Peter

  5. Disappointing - no activity today despite a 57.4 degree pass - guess these things are sometimes a bit hit and miss ;-( Oh well another time perhaps
    Online tracking available at N2YO.com ....


  6. Hi Peter, I will look up the satellite tracker. I think the frequency can change because of Doppler effect? 73 Paul

  7. Hello Paul:
    Indeed - the frequency needs downshifting 10khz steps I think if your actually working the sat's - there's plenty of tutorials around that fully describe how its done - I am planning to use an HT and dualband antenna mounted on a tripod, I need to look into it again so as I know exactly what I need. BTW have you interfaced your FT450 yet?
    73 Peter


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