14 Jan 2011

Dead Mouse

He sure was – right at the critical point, I decided to do some Psk tonight as it had been a while since I had used it  and suddenly I noticed the optical had died – I now have the chance to insert the new re-chargeables I bought before Christmas (Why do these things happen in the middle of a qso) ?


having put the new batteries in expecting some life  -  nothing, I swapped the batteries over and still nothing, so I put in some new Duracells (AA’s) everything fine, I then inserted one of the re-chargeables and it worked ok !

Having never had this trouble  before I then removed the batteries and I don't know why but I placed them side by side and noticed the re-chargeable batteries had a fractionally shorter positive terminal, with a very slight indent on the negative.

I re checked the other batteries again (OK)… then replaced again with the new batteries – still nothing – I then noticed one of the mouse terminals had moved back very slightly, obviously this has happened over time, this ones about 6 years old now and I reckon its had about 20 sets of batteries in it since new, not a great deal of wear I would have thought to have caused the terminal  to weaken enough to move but then again , like most things these days it’s plastic, as you can see in the photo one of the terminals has moved in slightly – a tiny screwdriver helped bend it back and it’s fine now –  I would not have expected the re-chargeables to be a different length though – One of the whole points of getting these batteries was that it was starting to get expensive with all the handsets and remotes/mice we have around here and I was fed up buying batteries. Will have another go at Psk tomorrow !!




  1. Hi Peter, it is always going dead at the wrong time. ;-) I seldom use rechargeable batteries. Lifetime is too short I think. Today I started with ROS. Also a nice mode, I think. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Peter, that's why my mouse still has a tail.
    73, Bas

  3. Good morning Peter, never would had thought the size of a battery would vary. I too try to stay away from battery operated stuff. Had to many times they give up the ghost at the wrong time and then to find no replacements in the shack.....

  4. Hi Paul/Bas/Mike well I will stay with this current one until it gives up as I am used to it - these re-chargeable ones are 2450 mAh so hoping they last longer - I have four pairs fully charged ready for use - regards length, these are Energizer's and are a tad shorter than the standard Duracell Alkeline AAA's I've been using - I guess it would be prudent to keep a spare "With Tail" ;-)


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