19 Jan 2011

Couple of shots


For the first time in in some while it hasn't rained or been foggy and we have had some crisp clear nights bringing with it the frosts so its back to getting up earlier I think, although that's not such a bad idea as its a good opportunity to get in some radio.

The colder clear air has prompted me to get back outside and I noticed yesterday a large orange moon rising steadily in the north-east sky so I dashed in and grabbed my camera and see if we could capture it,  it was pretty chilly and I should have used a tripod and found it difficult to steady.




  1. Hi Peter, nice shot. I thought the same this morning. I saw Venus in the eastern sky and took my camera. I will put it my blog today. 73 Paul

  2. Good Morning Paul:
    For a change we have clear skies so I get my telescope ready - One of these mornings I must take a look at Jupiter - I am fascinated by its moons - I hope Its possible to see them.
    Gl with the DX today !

    73 Peter


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