22 Dec 2010

Cumbrian Earthquake

Seems an Earthquake of magnitude 3.5 hit Cumbria at 11pm last night – the epicentre was 30 miles soutwest of Carlisle appx 75 miles west-southwest from Newcastle – the location of the tremor was given as Coniston Cumbria about 5 miles southwest of Ambleside, apparently it’s depth was given as 8.9 miles.

This is a seismically active region of the UK and therefore not uncommon for these events to occur, the largest ever recorded was 4.3 in November 2002 with a magnitude 4.3. The shock would certainly  have  been felt but would not have led to extensive damage.

I remember when I was at school back in

1962/4 we had an earthquake and the whole building shook momentarily with a deep rumble (Our geography teacher hid in the cupboard and would NEVER live it down! 

Other “Quakes” were recorded in Kent during 2002 measuring 4.3


Map picture


  1. Hi Peter, it is always strange to feel a shock in our areas. We had a earthquake about 10 years ago. Epicentre 5 km away from my QTH. A light one, but I remember the shock and I told my XYL "This is a earthquake' Very uncommon in the Netherlands. Especially in the west part. 73 Paul

  2. The earth didn't move for us!

  3. We had an earthquake this past summer it was the the first ever for me. It was a strange feeling as the building I was floated back and forth. "floating" is the best way I could describe it.

  4. Yes earthquakes are not too common in western europe, they usually occur on the major fault lines - I do remember another event when I was a teenager walking home one afternoon I can only describe it as like being on-board ship when you miss your footing and throws you off-balance, the earh definitely moved then.


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