20 Dec 2010

Back on the Airwaves

Well, I decided to go for it today although I have loads to get on with in the build up to Christmas, but it is going to be a quiet one this year which will actually make a change, most of the activity here is going to be over the New Year period – bit of a turnaround really.So, fired up Wspr on 30m (at least I could get some chores done)…  noticed absolutely no propagation to the west at all until around 9:45+/-  when I started seeing the USA coming up, prior to that it was mostly EU, curiously no VK or ZL’s – anyway the best DX today seems to be Doug W3HH in Ocala Fl  AT 6958km distance, he reported my 5w,  as did Craig KC2LFI in Bedford NY at 5482 Km’s

Douglas W3HH (From QRZ.com)

When I fired up there were not many stations on 30m and I was just about to switch to 40m but suddenly it all kicked off so decided to stay put – I have had it running most of the day, but will close mid afternoon – band conditions do not seem that good, but we’ll be taking a further peak at the bands throughout the holiday period especially CW and Jt65,  I was getting bored with Psk as everyone uses the same macros set-up
*My name is
*My Qth is
*My Loc is
*My Rig is   etc  etc etc !    zzzzzzzzzz !
I try to spice it up a bit –  let it flow!
Anyway – looking forward to  a fresh challenge – I will also consider taking part in this years PACC  cw  contest in Feb, I took part some years back and found it a quite relaxed affair, and the ops are friendly enough – so might give it a go as this end fed tunes 80 ok.


  1. Hi Peter, yes, PSK can be very boring. Reports are not reliable because of the macros. I have to switch over and over to other modes. 40 and 80 m are the best bands in winter. The PACC is a nice contest which I will join (CW and SSB) 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul
    Yes - Psk is repetative at times it gets interesting when theres a few DX stations on as during last Feb/March, with lots of W's and PY's on 40m - at the moment I do quite like Jt65 though, I think its best to swap around - but I always go back to the key !! might test out my 5w on 80m and see how this E/Fed performs.

    73 Peter

  3. Good morning Peter, good to see your blog up and going. As for the time of year yes it is busy but like you this year it is going to be a bit more relaxed at this QTH. I was into PSK some time ago but with the new rig I have not had the time to get the digi modes all hooked up and running.

  4. I find it is not only the PSK QSO that can be boring, but audio of a PSK transmission is also a boring drone in a way I think. RTTY is far more cheerful sounding :-) As is MFSK and Olivia with their burbling ....

    Anyway, Merry Xmas and HNY!

  5. Thanks for looking in and commenting Guys - I will be having another go at Psk, I am just going to let it flow and Kiss, (as they say)...!
    I'll be on the Jt65 and Cw for sure over the holiday period - I am still hankering for a K3 but will wait until the spring/Summer, we'll see how we're fixed.
    73 's


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