29 Nov 2010

Win or Lin in the Shack?

Well now, here's an argument that’s been running for a while and Originally I used Win, however over the last 3/4 years have been firmly in favour of Lin,  but although  Linux as an everyday O/S is great (Ubuntu  or  SuSe)  there simply is no where near the  amount of “decent” software around:

K3NG comments

Having read this – spot on! 


  1. Hi Peter, yes I read Goody's article, but I have too much investment in Windows software/programs. So I wont go into Linux, however, I did hear about good results. 73 Paul

  2. Hi Paul:
    Yes Linus is a great O/S, and stable but not too much Ham S/ware, Win7 is, well it does not feel like the "Doze" of old - its a bit slicker and, (touch wood) more stable and a plethora of software from which to choose.
    I actually Like it now.


  3. My son really likes Linus but as was said in regards to ham radio app's not to much out there. I was even thinking of moving over to Apple as my wife has some Mac's. More ham radio related software with that OS.


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