24 Nov 2010


This morning I was up reasonably early and came into the shack with my  cup of Rosie Lee  (Tea) !  and switched on the FT817 which I usually leave on the Air Band but I had left it set on 70cms, I remember when I last used it I was amazed to find activity on this band for probably the first time when I set up the comet dual bander  -  it always amazed me that such a vast bandwidth hardly ever got used, well this morning once again there were a few mobiles using it GB3BR 433.150  in Brighton about 50 miles along the coast from me I was actually surprised it was so strong here, GB3HY Haywards Heath in Sussex also popped up on 433.125 with several /M’s  on -  a further scan revealed GB3IW on the Isle of Wight too – so it does get used after all !  leaving it on 433.150 the squelch  dropped and I was hearing the Central London repeater GB3LW complete with “Goon Show” or squeakers I think they were called in the 80’s – why do people spend good money on equipment to behave like idiots? (I suspect this is a British mentality thing – bit like the Friday night drink problem) ??? anyway, I guess there is some sort of lift on probably due to the cold foggy conditions this morning – I cannot recall hearing much beyond 10-15 miles on this band before but today we have up to 60/70 miles might be worth checking 2m for some cw activity.


  1. Hi Peter, sometimes I check 2 meter and 70 cm as well. The behavior of amateur radio on some repeaters is sometimes of questionable level and very strange. I don't know why they do that. That kind of behavior isn't present on HF so far I can hear. Bye for now, 73 Paul

  2. I have never heard anything on 70cm here, so I have given up listening. In fact I would have to find the manual for my TM-D710 to find out how to get it to go on 70cm!

  3. Hi Paul/Julian
    Yes its a funny old band that supports the odd pocket of activity - I have to say I've never really liked the V/U bands, I suppose it was only ever intended for local traffic - re "Goons" they are out there for sure on HF - why do they even bother wasting everyones time.


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