21 Nov 2010

Time to Post

Just felt it was “Time to Post”, having been in the doldrums for the last two or three weeks and felt the need to re-activate the blog in case anyone thought it was a duffer – no radio work going on  Yet!  and although I will be very busy in the coming weeks sorting out some personal business  I really need to press on and get back on-air, hopefully I might sneak some evening sessions in, trying to get some normality back here – hoping to catch up soon !



  1. Good evening Peter good to see you blogging.

  2. Hi Peter, good to hear from you, but take your time, I keep an eye on your blog. I know you're there. Take care, 73 Paul

  3. Do you know what, it's funny but it IS really nice to know that you guys are out there, we all share a common interest and although I dont know any one of you personally it feels like I have some good freinds out there - dark days and thanks both !


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