10 Nov 2010

Black Week

It has been a difficult and somewhat traumatic period for me of late – hence the “Lack of post’s on here”, ALL RADIO and related Activities/projects have been put on hold – at least for the foreseeable future due to a very close family bereavement – just as my digital interests were taking off as well !

I still check out most of the posts, but have been unable to spend  too much time on here – to be really honest my interests are elsewhere at this difficult time – I will continue to monitor other’s post’s and will return as soon as !

Hoping to catch up soon  - 


Love and Peace




  1. Good morning Peter, Our thoughts are with you and your family at this time.

  2. Peter,

    All the best and hope yo see you posting again soon.

    Take care


  3. Peter,

    I wish you all the best and my thoughts are with you and your family ...

    vy 73


  4. Hello All

    How very thoughtful - Thanks to all - I am reading post's but there's nothing going on at the moment - hoping to get back in the swing soon.
    But all your words noted.

    thanks and 73 Peter

  5. Hi Peter, sorry to hear... I wish you strength for the coming period. Take care, 73 Paul

  6. Hello Paul:
    Thanks again - the coming week is going to be very busy indeed (Not looking forward to it at all)

    73 fr now Peter

  7. Last week suffered greatly - very hard to come to terms, not a good period for me, hoping to get some radio soon.


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