29 Nov 2010

Win or Lin in the Shack?

Well now, here's an argument that’s been running for a while and Originally I used Win, however over the last 3/4 years have been firmly in favour of Lin,  but although  Linux as an everyday O/S is great (Ubuntu  or  SuSe)  there simply is no where near the  amount of “decent” software around:

K3NG comments

Having read this – spot on! 

24 Nov 2010


This morning I was up reasonably early and came into the shack with my  cup of Rosie Lee  (Tea) !  and switched on the FT817 which I usually leave on the Air Band but I had left it set on 70cms, I remember when I last used it I was amazed to find activity on this band for probably the first time when I set up the comet dual bander  -  it always amazed me that such a vast bandwidth hardly ever got used, well this morning once again there were a few mobiles using it GB3BR 433.150  in Brighton about 50 miles along the coast from me I was actually surprised it was so strong here, GB3HY Haywards Heath in Sussex also popped up on 433.125 with several /M’s  on -  a further scan revealed GB3IW on the Isle of Wight too – so it does get used after all !  leaving it on 433.150 the squelch  dropped and I was hearing the Central London repeater GB3LW complete with “Goon Show” or squeakers I think they were called in the 80’s – why do people spend good money on equipment to behave like idiots? (I suspect this is a British mentality thing – bit like the Friday night drink problem) ??? anyway, I guess there is some sort of lift on probably due to the cold foggy conditions this morning – I cannot recall hearing much beyond 10-15 miles on this band before but today we have up to 60/70 miles might be worth checking 2m for some cw activity.

21 Nov 2010

Time to Post

Just felt it was “Time to Post”, having been in the doldrums for the last two or three weeks and felt the need to re-activate the blog in case anyone thought it was a duffer – no radio work going on  Yet!  and although I will be very busy in the coming weeks sorting out some personal business  I really need to press on and get back on-air, hopefully I might sneak some evening sessions in, trying to get some normality back here – hoping to catch up soon !


10 Nov 2010

Black Week

It has been a difficult and somewhat traumatic period for me of late – hence the “Lack of post’s on here”, ALL RADIO and related Activities/projects have been put on hold – at least for the foreseeable future due to a very close family bereavement – just as my digital interests were taking off as well !

I still check out most of the posts, but have been unable to spend  too much time on here – to be really honest my interests are elsewhere at this difficult time – I will continue to monitor other’s post’s and will return as soon as !

Hoping to catch up soon  - 


Love and Peace