8 Oct 2010

Win7-Scanner Problem

I encountered my first problem with Win7 last night – not insurmountable, and certainly not terminal but annoying all the same.

I needed to get my Epson 3409 scanner working (I had used Xsane) under linux and although at the time I thought it was a bit basic I now realise just how good it was.

I loaded the complete suite of programs for the epson, (just in case) and I could remove unwanted stuff later – the install went ok (by the way I had this software running fine on the laptop with XP)  -  After installation I re-booted and powered up the scanner and software only to get a warning telling me ti O/S could not connect to the scanner – I tried various settings and it would still not work – BUT it did work from within “Paint”,  how wierd ?

I decided to have a quick look on the Epson UK website, and I couldn't believe the software had actually been re-written for Vista and win7  so with an 85mb or so,  download I quickly re-installed (I hope its re-installed completely)  now it works as it should and I have complete control of all the scanning direct off the desktop – so, don't forget to check out manufacturers websites for updated drivers and software, Thank you Epson – I was beginning to think it may have been a non-starter – it’s not happened too often in the past and I usually end up  having to bin good equipment because the software was out dated or similar.

Now we’re up and running – Good Job !


Screenshot_002 Oct. 08 08.50

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