6 Oct 2010

Whispering away !

Thought I’d get set up for some whispering, so went up on 40m – there were not too many stations on – but it strikes me perhaps  people tend to use it at weekends more during the winter months, anyway using the End Fed here’s what we have so far. These stations were coming up consistently  between –25 - -29dB late last night
Screenshot_002 Oct. 06 08.54
and again this morning plus an odd German station,  the skip is such that most close stations in EU are missed completely and no doubt the changing trend will be reflected as the day/skip changes, I was hoping more stations were on as we seem to be hearing the same stations but it’s interesting just seeing how the propagation changes, like last night on 20m – I was monitoring some psk activity and some US stations were reeling in here at a “Genuine” 599  at between around 21:00 local to, say 22:00 “ish” but within a half hour they had all but disappeared.
Screenshot_003 Oct. 06 08.57
Just had a look this morning and propagation just starting to change by the look of it – still seeing the US stations but spotted G6LUG in there in IO93 and DG4FBC JN49 – I’m going to leave it running and note any further changes during the day – I  keep promising to have a good CW session but it has’nt happened yet :-(  Hopefully I will also see a pattern emerge with regard to who is actually hearing me on this antenna – I am currently using 5w from an FT450.

Screenshot_004 Oct. 06 09.31

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